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We close our office to celebrate the following holidays: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Albuquerque Dentist, David Willoughby, DDS

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Having a private practice enables Dr. Willoughby to create a unique kind of experience for his patients. The Smiles That Work name for our website was inspired by our personal and professional commitment to always making excellent oral health our first priority.

Whether you are new to the Albuquerque area, or you are just seeking a different type of dental care, Dr. Willoughby welcomes you.

Experience the difference!

  • We answer only to our patients. We have no corporate quotas to meet, and no pressure to “produce”. Providing the right care, tailored for each patient, is our motivation.
  • To us, it’s personal. Patient appointments are scheduled to include ample time for consultation with Dr. Willoughby. We treat patients, not just their teeth.
  • Direct care from start to finish. While some offices utilize the services of certified assistants for services such as making and placing temporary crowns and Orthodontic adjustments, Dr. Willoughby personally treats every patient for every type of treatment provided in our office except routine Hygiene.
  • Consistent Care. In our office, there is no rotation of dentists, no dentist “filling in” for another. Because Dr. Willoughby personally knows each patient and each patient’s oral health history, quality is consistent and treatment can be more effective.
  • Availability. To better serve our patients, we also schedule early morning, late afternoon and lunch hour appointments. Whatever time you select; whether you have a scheduled appointment or are receiving emergency care, your appointment will be with Dr. Willoughby.
  • Stability and Experience. For over 25 years, Dr. Willoughby has served New Mexico families – adults and children of all ages – and has been in the same location since 1993.
  • We find ways to help make care affordable. There are frequently many ways to address a dental care need and Dr. Willoughby works hard to create Smiles That Work both for our patients’ oral health needs and their budgets. In addition, we provide no-interest financing through CareCredit.
  • Comprehensive Care for the Whole Family. Dr. Willoughby provides care for children as young as three (3) years old and his expertise includes making, fitting and repairing dentures; a full spectrum of services for every member of your family. For over 20 years his experience in placing braces for both children and adults has also given patients of all ages the convenience of receiving both their general and orthodontic care in the same dental office.
  • Teamwork when Specialist care is needed. Dr. Willoughby refers patients needing highly specialized care only to Specialists with whom he has long-standing patient care relationships. Together, Dr. Willoughby and the trusted Specialist can provide more coordinated treatment and the highest levels of patient satisfaction for even the most challenging oral health concerns.

Click here to see the wide range of services we provide. We also invite you to visit our gallery for photos of real patients and their one-of-a-kind smiles … Smiles That Work!

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Contact us at (505) 898-2000 to schedule an appointment or ask a question about your oral health. If you prefer Spanish, just ask for one of our bilingual dental care professionals. You may also request an appointment time here. Our convenient location is easy to reach from all parts of the Albuquerque metropolitan area – about 20 minutes from most East side locations and especially convenient from the
West side.